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NeilPyrde launches new RS: EVOX Racing that revolutionizes simply the way a race sail is built: the Batten Batten Layout of sailing parallel to the airflow while browsing reduces drag and improves acceleration and speed. Also accelerates the rotation while maintaining stability. The EVOX is also equipped with system of the leech that opens and runs the intensity’ wind reactively, an improvement of the progressive aspect ratio, a cleaner Panel layout that eliminates the unnecessary and fourth UltraCam.

AIRFLOW BATTEN LAYOUT The slats are arranged at an angle to the shaft in order to be positioned horizontally and parallel to the airflow while browsing. This cleans the air flow along the body of the sail and reduces drag. This innovative concept has reduced from eight to seven design cues, extending the total length of each slat.

PLUS ACCELERATION The airflow clean sail down the body reduces drag. In combination with the new twist of leech the glider reacts to every gust and pump, opening instantly to get that moment of pure acceleration. These improvements increase maximum speed.

BETTER STABILITY EVOX is incredibly stable, especially considering it is a race sail in seven cartons. Angled slat design provides excellent support sail profile., bringing the sail to feel much more at ease through the gusts.

LIGHTER The lightest vela RS: racer ever developed. The weight was reduced by an average of 500 g than the EVO9 while maintaining a robust and without reducing the thickness of the film. The reduction from eight to seven ribs and adjustments in Quadruple Luff Panel Layout and construction of the Ashlar add significant weight reduction. (Click on the picture for a larger view)

FASTER ROTATION Ease and speed were a top priority in the evolution of EVOX. Deleting a cue and reducing the profile at the rear of the sail in the area of the boom allows the rotation to start “S-bend” in the back – like a sail from freeride – and then move gradually through the front, up to UltraCams. Changing tack is much faster and allows you to resume faster jibe with increased stability.