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The Radical Quad has been in the JP line for four years due to its benchmark in wave performance. Nevertheless, our team riders dreamed of an update – a new and better version of the board considered the most radical on the market. The result is Werner Gnigler’s development of an outstanding design which merges the virtues of its predecessors – the Radical Quad’s looseness, reactivity and rail bite and the planing power and speed of the Thruster Quad. Consequently, a name was chosen which says it all – The Ultimate Wave! Riding the Ultimate Wave, you’ll immediately notice how quickly it jumps onto the plane and how much faster it rides. Werner states: “The completely new bottom concept brought the crucial breakthrough in the development.” It features a flat V in the front, which transforms into a double concave in the middle, then into a deep single concave under the foot straps, and tapers off with a gentle V right at the tail. This creates a flatter scoop rocker line in the middle but keeps the curvy one on the rail. The flat centre line delivers the speed and planing power that matches the former Thruster Quad.

Have compromises been made regarding wave performance? No! Morgan Noireaux proved the boards are at the top of their game by winning his 3rd Aloha Classic title using a prototype of this new concept. After all, functional features have been transferred from the previous shapes, like the slim tail, the thin rails with a soft tuck line and the winger outline which keeps the planing section rather wide and reduces the tail width at the winger point. Offering ultimate rail bite, the boards turn tight easily, and instantly respond to every little rider input. At all times the radius of the bottom turn can be adjusted to hit the lip spot-on. Robby Swift feels, that “the Ultimate Wave is: faster and better on the wave! Sailing now is more exciting and makes me feel like I have improved my jumping and wave riding just by changing to this new board. I’m most excited about the 102. Never before have I enjoyed riding such a big board because it’s –like all sizes– fantastic in all conditions.”

The quad fin quiver enhances the top wave performance and the 5-fin box setup enables tuning to personal preferences. The all-new shape will stun dedicated wave sailors around the globe. You will feel at home, at every wave spot in any given conditions. The Ultimate Wave carves fast, turns smoothly and maintains speed no matter if on a huge down-the-line wave or a gutless onshore roller.

This new board is Jason Polakow’s new Ultimate Wave!

The boards additionally come with plugs to cover all fin boxes used without fins. PRO EDITION in S-Glass Technology with PVC Stringers and Innegra Rails.

Lightweight Fiber (pigmented) with excellent impact resistance and flexiblitly / no paint chipping


102, 94